Eco3 Party Plan 2016

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Our ECO.3® Party Plan is designed for people wanting to work from home and generate an income stream in a fun and sociable way. The ECO.3® product range speaks for itself and the numbers of Licensed Party Planners are growing rapidly across Europe. The ECO.3® Party Plan is scheduled to be released in the USA in late 2016 and is certain to take the USA by storm.

As a Licenced Approved Party Planner, you will share your product knowledge in order to simplify and speed up almost every domestic cleaning task such as streak free windows, driveways, patios, conservatories, ovens, floors, carpets, upholstery, cars, and caravans.

For our Car and Caravan range of products please refer to our Auto Section in this website.


The range of Eco Responsible, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products at your disposal will make every task simple and speedy. Bathrooms, kitchens, floors, driveways, conservatories, ceramics, glass, ovens, BBQ’s—you name it the ECO.3 contains a solution. All products are environmentally responsible and highly effective. Every housewife or house-husband will appreciate the fact that ECO.3 brings cleaning into the modern age.


Hydros Solutions provide specialist advice and tailor make solutions to help you tackle the everyday problems you face. From self-cleaning treatments for the exterior of buildings and driveways, paths and floors to the treatment of fencing, sheds, and decking. When employing the ECO.3® system, householders can benefit from reduced cleaning, reduced green mould and significant time savings, and enhance the appearance of every area of the property.

Solutions For A Cleaner World 


At the heart of the ECO.3® system is our unique non-toxic ECO.3 liquid—a general purpose eco-responsible cleaner that can be used on any water tolerant surface. It is powerful enough for the most demanding of degreasing tasks but is gentle enough for use on all glass, stainless and ceramic surfaces without leaving residue. In addition, treatments for fabrics and furnishings can reduce damage related to spills and be easily removed with a high dilution of ECO.3 without damage. ECO.3 also comes in a super concentrated FRESH Floor Cleaning version.