Eco.3-System Stage 1

Stage 1

The cleaning cycle can be described as the result of four independent properties; Time, Temperature, Mechanical Force and Chemical Action. These are represented in the diagram above. If you increase the amount of one or more of these properties, then the result will force the remaining properties to reduce. By way of example, increasing the temperature and the amount of chemical used will reduce the amount of time and mechanical energy required to achieve the same result. The inherent design of the ECO.3 system replaces the highly caustic chemical action by adding increased mechanical/physical action within the cleaning chemical to balance the equation. Our ECO.3 system uses Micelle Technology & Nano Technology to increase the performance of the solutions.

Eco.3-System Stage 2

ECO3 Stage 2

From the diagram above, we can see that replacing the traditional caustic chemical with ECO.3 Cleaning Liquid, the product instantly impacts on the amount of mechanical action required. ECO.3 Cleaning solution has inherent physical and mechanical latent energy which, when activated by water in the dilution process unleashes this action to impact and dissolve surface dirt and debris. Assuming that the time and temperature remain constant, the amount of mechanical action required will be reduced.

In practice however, this is unlikely to be the case as the proportion of time and mechanical action together with Eco.3 Cleaning dilution rates will be interactive assuming that the temperature remains constant.

Eco.3-System Stage 3

ECO3 Stage 3

If we now add ECO.3 Sol-Gel surface coating products to the equation, this will have an impact on the complete cleaning cycle. The ECO.3 coatings provide a new surface which resists soiling, grease and debris build up and adhesion, which in turn makes the removal of such soils easier and much quicker.

With reference to the diagram above, we can see that for a given temperature and ECO.3 cleaning solution dilution, the introduction of the ECO.3 Surface Treatment has reduced the amount of mechanical action required and also had a major impact on the amount of time needed for the cleaning process.

ECO.3 Sol Gel coatings are certified food safe and will last between 3—8 years. When incorporated as part of the ECO.3 system they simplify and speed up cleaning times without using caustic and toxic products.

Maintenance cleaning times are reduced by as much as 40%.