Yet Another Success Story

Yet Another Success Story


Along a very dusty road, with a right turn into a somewhat deserted boat yard…more like a graveyard for yachts that have seen better days…Nano Solutions were tasked with a challenge even their Director, Spyros Argytakis, was a little hesitant to take on.

This 35ft yacht had been neglected and laid out in the hot ScrapyardMediterranean sun to fade into the scrap heap that surrounded it.

Spyros, in his many years experience, could only think of one system that could bring this yacht alive. The ECO.3 System for the restoration of the yacht was the only system on the market that could attempt such a project without totally sanding the yacht and creating even more solution. Even Spyros had some doubts whether the ECO.3 System could do this.

Spyros started taking photographs believing that with his skills and the amazing ECO.3 products he would manage to bring this yacht back to life.



Yacht Wash

He started to wash the yacht with the ECO.3 Marine Wash and immediately a smile came to his face.

The oxidation that covered the hull started to wash off, it immediately came very dull again when it dried, however. This was a bit of a tell-tale sign to Spyros. By using the ECO.3 Marine Wash and getting the clean, shinny appearance, even for the moment it was wet, told him that by using the full ECO.3 System the results would be stunning.

He progressed onto the Pre-coating primer wash that ensures a clean substrate at a much greater depth. Once dried Nano Solutions went on to apply our ECO.3 Marine Pro-Gloss onto the hull. Even Spyros stood back and though all his birthdays had come at once.

after Pro-GlossAfter contacting the owner the instruction was to get the thing out of the yard immediately!!!

Are you sure you didn’t swap it with a new one?

The owner could not believe his eyes…after an hour and a half it looked amazing.

Spyros went back to complete the restoration of the wood using our ECO.3 Marine Teak Products and was even more amazed at the hull as it was now completely dry and beginning to shine even more.

A close up picture captures the excellent finish achieved.

close up pic

All we can say is thank you to Nano Solutions for having faith in our product and sharing yet another success story with us here at Hydros Solutions.