Eco.3 Aircraft Cleaning System

Cleaning with our Eco.3 Aircraft Cleaning System

Our Cypriot partners, Nano Solutions, show how effective the Eco.3 System is on Aircraft paintwork.

Aircraft, unfortunately, pick up a great deal of pollution from the atmosphere. This sticks readily to the aircraft paintwork. The dirt affects the drag and this is directly proportional to the amount of fuel the aircraft burns. By reducing the drag, more fuel is saved.

The Eco.3 Aircraft Cleaning System removes the contaminates that stick to the paintwork. It does this more efficiently than any other Eco Responsible cleaner on the market.

The system leaves the paintwork in pristine condition, ensuring less drag and therefore saving on emissions into the atmosphere.

Hydros Solutions also have an AeroFlex coating that makes the aircraft paintwork more smooth, thus allowing the aircraft to cut through the air with less drag. Measured by Boeing’s Computer software, this remarkable coating returned a massive 1.47% fuel saving. This equates to millions of Dollars to large air fleets.

Aircraft after the Eco.3 Cleaning System

Before being cleaned with Eco.3 Aircraft Cleaning System

After one clean this aircraft was returned to its former glory, as clean as a whistle.

If you would like to know more about our Eco.3 Aviation products or indeed are interested in getting your team trained in all aspects of cleaning and coating using our Eco.3 System, do not hesitate to contact us now.

More pictures of this aircraft before and after using our Eco.3 System.

aircraft after2aircraft before3aircraft before4