Eco-Responsible Cleaning Products

Widely used in Aviation Cleaning, Marine Cleaning, Food preparation, Hospitality, Transportation, Healthcare and Industrial applications.  Powerful Food and Water Safe Certified Cleaners.

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Eco-Friendly Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings and Impregnations to protect surfaces from Corrosion, Chemical attacks, UV rays, Environmental Pollution, Graffiti, Water, Oil, Bacteria and Mould.

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Eco-Safe Care Products

Our Dynamic Care Products have been specifically formulated to work in harmony with our Eco-Friendly Coatings to maintain 100% performance and appearance throughout the lifespan of the coating.

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Eco3® System – Environmentally Responsible Products

We, at Hydros Solutions, are proud to present the ECO.3 System, the world’s first truly environmentally responsible cleaning, protecting and maintenance system. ECO.3 System combines many cutting edge technologies, including Micelle Technology, Nano Technology, Surface Tension Technology and Electrostatic Technology  in order to provide a three stage system to clean, protect and maintain any  plant, machinery or building.  In addition, not only do our solutions have low environmental impact, they provide powerful and efficient programs together with cost cutting performance.

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Stage 2

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Hydros Solutions are pleased to announce the acquisition of Nanolia Worldwide, the flagship Nanotechnology Company.  This acquisition  will give existing and new clients the opportunity to enjoy the merged expertise, experience and range of products including all new and enhanced formulations. Director, David Cochrane stated “We will continue to  supply the original ‘Nanolia’ branded products to existing Distribution Partners only and introduce, through our new and quickly expanding distribution network, an exciting range of product under the ECO.3 system. We have been extremely conscious during this expansion program to meet the high quality expected by our clients and the meet the eco responsible criteria set out by the ERC that we can now proudly display the ECO RESPONSIBLE CERTIFICATION logo on all our Company literature and  on our ECO.3 eco responsible products.

Hydros SolutionsNanolia Worldwide


  • Amalgamation of two flagship Companies

  • 50+ years Experience

  • New Cutting Edge Technology

  • New Distributor Opportunities

  • Professional Customer Care


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Success in Prague

Success in Prague. At a recent Application Training Course…


The Eco.3 System is without doubt the best system to hit the Auto market in the last 50 years

Paul VineyAuto Engineer and Crash Investigator Consultant

Having been introduced to the Eco.3 system we have seen our production increase and downtime reduced. The food belts are much easier to clean and the treatment resists the flour bonding to the surface.

John McCallHead of Production

I would certainly recommend anyone wishing to use the Eco.3 system forAviation. It has not only performed a far greater depth of cleaning than the products we used before but it’s a great deal less costly and more Eco friendly.

Haraldur SiggeirssonAviation Chief Engineer

This system is fantastic. It removed the graffiti with ease.

David WilkinRetired UK Salesman

The Whiteboard restore wipes are the very best on the market. They removed all shadowing and even the permanent marker ‘accidently’ used by one of my students.

John KenyonTeacher

I just wish to say your Eco.3 system has transformed my old yacht. It nowlooks better than the day I bought it. Not only did it revitalize the UV damage to the gel coat, the original red hull was almost a white/pink color, but this was done within 2 hours start to finish.

Terry Higgins Pleasure Sailor

I live on the coast and have problems with corrosion. Having been introduced to the Eco.3 system many of these problems have been eliminated. The system could not be easier to apply and everyone can see the fantastic results particularly on our painted iron work.

I now run an ECO.3 Party Plan. This is a great way to earn money while having a little fun with friends and family. I started by inviting a few round for a coffee and introduced them to the range of ECO.3 Cleaning liquids and Microfibres. I would not be without mine.

I then encouraged them to invite a few friends round to their house for a coffee and I went and introduced these to the Eco.3 Cleaning range. Now 4 or 5 friends all do this and make money while having a laugh and a chat.

I would recommend the ECO.3 Party Plan to everyone who want to not only save money on their household cleaning liquids but who would prefer to clean less often with less effort…who wouldn’t?

Karen O’HaraHousewife

My paintwork on the boat had lost its  shine and had a dull  and milky finish to the dark blue.

After preparing the boat with your cleaner and primer I applied your ECO GLOSS the next day.

I found the Gloss very easy to apply and completed both sides of the boat with a very thin coat which took about two hours to complete including having to turn the boat around in the marina.

Forget Me Not

To say that I was delighted with your product would be an understatement , looking forward to trying some of your other products in the near future

John McCaverey
John McCavereyOwner of Forget Me Not

I would like to say that I am extremely pleased to recommend ECO.3 HydroSafe Cleaning products and ECO.3 Glass and Stone products.

All these products have increased the hygiene level for our animals and the viewing experience of our guests. The effectiveness of the products are amazing, saving time and effort for our hard working staff.

Ioulios ChristoforouOwner Paphos Zoo

Dear David

I am very happy to report that having my yacht treated with your Marine Restoration Kit with Pro Gloss over 5 years ago, I have not had any problems with the color of the Gel Coat. The brightness is as good as it was when when it was first treated.

I would like to comment that my yacht, in comparison to my friends yacht of the same age and original color, is easier to clean. It is also much easier to remove the fowling on the hull even although you did not actually recommend this application.

The UV has oxidized all the Gel Coat of my friends yacht having been kept in the same conditions as mine. I would recommend your ECO.3 Marine Restoration Kit to anyone to restore and protect their yacht.

Let me add the comment that we are using the Pro Gloss product since around 10 years now.
The main field of application is restoration and conservation of various surfaces in the hotel area.
With best regards

Andreas Ruthe
Managing Director
TCM Asia Co. Ltd

Andreas RutheManaging Director


Find out how to become a Licensed Distributor and/or an exclusive member of the ECO.3 Global Application Partner Network and gain access to cutting edge products and systems that will leave your competitors in the shade.  The ECO.3 brand is an assurance of quality and reliability, putting your business in control with unique eco responsible and sustainable products developed to work in every market sector.